A lot of Email I receive are similar, so hopefully the answers given below will help to save some time. If you have further questions, please visit contact page.

How do I contact you for personal consutation?

Ans: You can contact me using my Email or the form given in consultation page. If it is urgent, contact me in this number.

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How long do you take to respond?

Ans: If your query is sensible, you will definitely get response within 24hrs. Sometime it may take 3-4 working days.

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What are the ways of consultation?

Ans: Either we can consult over telephone or by meeting.

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How many questions or how much time do you provide for duscussing horoscope?

Ans: There’s no limitation whether it is related to time, questions or anything. Please make sure your queries are sensible. 

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How much do you charge for reading horoscope?

Ans: 1100INR. Mention if you’re unable to pay, I promise, I’ll never disappoint you

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How do I pay consultation charges?

Ans: Netbanking, Paypal and E-wallets like Paytm, Google Pay and PhonePe are accepted.

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What is your Email address?

What is your contact number?